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Hydrogel Self Healing Screen Protector

Hydrogel Self Healing Screen Protector


Just had your screen repaired and want to protect it against scratches? We’ve got you covered! 

Our hydrogel TPU screen protectors are the perfect addition to any new screen. 

We cut the hydrogel film for your phone model and install the protector for you as soon as your new screen has been installed. We have 3 different protector finishes to choose from:


  • MATT


Protect your phone from the get go with a quality screen protector


    Anti-scratch self healing material

    High response touch guaranteed

    Does not contain glass so no chipping

    Ultra HD clear safe use with Face ID

    Super thin layer, barely visible.

    Full surface impact resistant

    No lifting on the edges

  • How Mail In Works

     After finalising your checkout, a confirmation email detailing packaging and shipping instructions will be sent to you. Throughout the repair process, we will continuously update you on the precise status of your device. Once repaired, your device will be dispatched to you using Royal Mail Special Delivery, and tracking details will be provided. Kindly be aware that we only cover the cost of return shipping.

  • What's the turnaround time?

     Our goal is to finish your repair on the same day we receive it. However, during peak times, the repair might take up to 5 business days from the day we receive it.

  • Warranty Information

     This repair comes with a 3 year warranty.The warranty covers for the following issues. Failure/defects of any parts replaced.Issues that the warranty does not cover. Accidental damage to the part replaced. Cracks or breaks to the part replacedWater damage. For more information please see terms and conditions.

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